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Aeon 001 – vetiver flesh


Name: Aeon 001

Brand: Aeon

Perfumer: Remains unknown until the next perfume is launched.

Year of creation: 2016

Notes mentioned by Parfumo/Fragrantica/Basenotes: Vetiver, White blossoms, Smoky notes, Spices, Resins

Impression of the scent by Aeon: Аn experimental scent, regardless of commercial or brand driven restrictions, for a limited circle of yet unknown friends and lovers of rare fragrances.
Aeon001 is challenging the perception of vetiver blending it with white flowers, smoke and spices together with a translucent layer of glowing resins.

My personal impression: A whiff of citrus fruits in the style of Eau Sauvage and a phantom of slightly soapy salty flowers above the dramatic performance of dark carnal vetiver. It smells quite dirty and smoky with a sweaty accent of labdanum and a nuance of cumin-like flesh pierced by the metallic sharpness of clove. A bit shocking and definitely daring. Sexy? Well, definitely if body odors is what turns you on. But one should pay a special attention to hers or his personal care when wearing this scent. To be immaculately dressed and groomed is a must as otherwise there is a chance to be mistaken for a vagrant or a punk.

This side of Aeon 001 reminds me of a dirty punk concept smell realized in Dreckig bleiben by Mark Buxton.

But there is also a Happy End in the story of Aeon 001. When settled down on the skin it can become a warm and cosy vetiver with a sexy nuance of flesh. The smell of someone you love. You know those moments when you let your head to rest on her or his chest to get a whiff of that seducing aroma.

More on Aeon: http://aeonperfume.com/